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Gardening Supplies are necessary for whatever kind of garden you are planning to do. You will need different supplies, like soil, gloves, hand tools, containers, stakes, watering can and a good fertilizer.

When you are shopping for gardening supplies, take a look online at the different items that are for sale. You are going to need different items depending on what type of garden you are planning. For example, the garden supplies that you need for a vegetable garden will be different than those you will need for a flower garden.

Some of the garden supplies you will want to purchase no matter what type of garden you are planning include:

Garden Gloves

You do not want to ruin your hands by not using garden gloves. Although nothing feels as good as clean soil running through your hands, if you do this often, you will get calloused hands and a lot of broken fingernails. Garden gloves are a necessary part of your garden supplies if you are going to be planting anything -be it vegetables or flowers.

Small Gardening Tools

You can usually get a set of matching small gardening tools online or in a variety of different gardening stores. These tools include a hand shovel, hand rake and hand hoe that can till the ground by hand and allow you to do small planting.


If you are gardening from seeds, you are going to need to get containers where you can plant seeds in fertile soil to get them to sprout into plants. Some people use containers throughout their garden as a unique way to display their flower or herb garden. Containers are an essential part of your garden supplies if you are planning to plant from seeds.

Netting Or Cages

If you are planning a vegetable garden, especially if you are planting tomatoes, you are going to need to get cages or netting to keep rabbits and other small animals away from the plants as well as give them a chance to climb. Many vegetable plants are vine plants and need cages so that they can grow tall instead of lay on the ground. You will have to fasten the plant around the cages.

Potting Soil

You are going to want to get good potting soil to put around your newly planted plants. Even if you have excellent soil in the ground that has been properly tilled, you are still going to want to invest in a few bags of potting soil that is rich in nutrients and will help your plants grow stronger.


This comes in many different forms and will allow your plants to grow larger and healthier. Make sure that the fertilizer that you choose for your plants is all organic, especially if you are planting a vegetable garden.

Watering Can

A good watering can will be needed if you are working on a big garden. For small gardens, however, small cans as gardening tools are more than sufficient.

For a small garden, make sure that you get a watering can so that you can keep the plants and flowers properly hydrated. A watering can should be a part of your garden supplies such as tools, gloves, some containers and a few packets of seeds can make an excellent gift for any gardener in your life. If you are new or an old pro, make sure that you take stock of your garden supplies at the beginning of the season so that you have everything that you need.